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IEW Classes for Grades 3 - 12


Support for parents who want their children to become excellent writers

IEW Online Classes

Does writing keep getting put on the back burner? Do you have a reluctant writer or a student who gives you pushback? Online live classes provide support to you and your student throughout the entire school year.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is for students who thrive in a 1:1 environment. 

On Demand Classes

On demand classes provide the same student and parent support as a live class but are delivered asynchronously. 

Coming in 2023


Contact Mrs. Brown

Please contact me if you have questions about classes or services. I'd be delighted to help.

Why Choose Us?

Our Purpose

Are you concerned about teaching your child how to write? You're not alone.  Mrs. Brown offers engaging classes to make writing and grammar manageable for you. Her animated teaching style complements the IEW Structure and Style for Students curriculum, creating a class experience that your child will enjoy.  ​

Kids Handwriting

Meet Mrs. Brown


  • Certified IEW Instructor

  • Veteran Homeschool Parent

  • Mom of Four Teens

  • Military Spouse

  • Songwriter 

  • Life-long Learner​​

New to IEW?

About IEW

If you're new to IEW, please watch this 4-minute video that explains the program.

What Parents Are Saying

"Thanks to her guidance and valuable help, my son finished with a 94 average which is an excellent mark in English and got him accepted into the best universities in Canada."

- Asma B.

"All four of my students are better writers for having been under her grace filled, sincere instruction. I was a better mama for bringing in the best resource."

- Kate A.

“I have so much praise for her as a teacher and a person. She is so organized, thorough, knowledgeable, and also engaging and fun. I highly recommend her IEW class.”

- Sally H.

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